The SARGON Consortium is led by GMV having as subcontractors DFKI and UGA-VERIMAG. Each partner provides the following contributions:

  • GMV (link is the main contractor in charge of the coordination of the consortium, elicitation of requirements, development and implementation of new components in TASTE and development of a use case based on a space application for the ExoTeR Rover using the RCOS.
  • UGA-Verimag (link will participate in the elicitation of the RAMS requirements and will exercise the TASTE2BIP tool developed under the ESA-funded project MoSaTT-CMP (link to verify the space level application. The TASTE framework allows to support RAMS attributes by implementing a model-driven approach with an important emphasis in schedulability and timing, which matches well the robotics software, where the SW components interact with the environment and therefore have to satisfy constraints in timing. The correct-by-construction capabilities of TASTE could be verified during the validation phase using the BIP framework (link