NEWSSARGON Workshop: On the definition of User Requirements for a Robot Control Operating System (19 July 2016). For more information check our Workshop page.


The SARGON (Space Automation & Robotics General Controller) activity is devoted to the design of a Robot Control Operating Software (RCOS) based on existing open-source software and on the TASTE toolset, with special care on its RAMS characteristics.


ExoTer Rover in CNES-Serom Toulouse (Credits: ESA/CNES)

The TASTE framework provides a model-driven approach for the development of on-board software. This activity focuses on the analysis of requirements for an RCOS and what is needed to complement the current TASTE implementation for covering all needed RCOS functionalities. A TASTE RCOS application will be implemented first on a laboratory-level and then on a space-quality level prototype over ESA’s ExoTeR rover. The aim of this TASTE RCOS is to be the base of future European space robotics applications, and in this context this activity is a first step in that direction.


The SARGON project is funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) under Contract No. 4000115960/15/NL/LvH (400k€). This Project has a duration of 18 months sarting in December 2015 and finishing in June 2017. The results of this activity will be available to the PERASPERA OG1 activity.

For more information about SARGON objectives and methodology please review next presentation.